Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions 

Property transactions can be complex. At Michael Dwyer Solicitors we handle a variety of real estate transactions form owners, developers, contractors buyers and sellers alike. Our goal is to create a plan of action to guide you through a real estate transaction from start to finish.


As part of our service we will;

  • Send you an initial letter informing you of the Terms of the contract.
  • The relevant dates and deadlines of the conveyance.
  • What you are required to do in simple terms.
  • Carry out necessary searches on your behalf.
  • Check for any encumbrances and/or restrictions on the property.
  • Ensure any Special Conditions contained in the contract are met.
  • Liaise with your financier (if any) in relation to your mortgage and calculate any shortfall required from you to complete the purchase.
  • Make sure rates and water consumption charges are paid by the appropriate party.
  • Prepare necessary legal documentation.
  • Advise you on the amount and timing required for payment of stamp duty.
  • Attend settlement on your behalf and then telephone you and send a facsimile to the agent confirming the same.


As the seller of a property, your Agent will present you with a contract signed by a prospective purchaser.

As part of our service we will;

  • Check the contract prior to you signing as part of our fee, just ask the agent to fax the contract to our office and we will thoroughly check and then telephone or meet with you to discuss any changes we feel should be made.
  • Check all documents you are required to sign are in order.
  • Liaise with your Financier (if applicable) in relation to discharge of any mortgage on your property.
  • Calculate / check the settlement figures.
  • Ensure you are paid in full for the property.
  • Attend settlement on your behalf and then telephone you and send a facsimile to the Agent confirming the same.

Townhouses and Units

Buying a Townhouse or Unit is often more complex than buying a house. You not only purchase the property, but you also take on a relationship with the owners and the Body Corporate committee for the complex.

On purchasing the property (apart from all of the above i.e. Buying) you will;

  • Own the dwelling yourself and share the ownership of communal areas such as lifts, stairwells, pools, driveways and front entrances with other owners.
  • Become a member of the Body Corporate, which is regulated by by-laws giving you both rights and obligations.

We will report to you in clear and concise language, and explain the procedures involved at each step of the way of your conveyance transaction.


We can assist you in referencing your loan (and in most cases halve the time it takes) by doing the following;

  • Liaise with you on your requirements.
  • Arrange for the relevant discharge authorities and mortgage documents to be signed promptly.
  • Liaise with incoming and outgoing Banks.
  • Prepare legal documentation.
  • Calculate stamp duty payable.
  • Check payout figures and net advance amounts.
  • Book settlement in with both Banks.
  • Attend settlement (if required)