Fees and charges

Fees and charges

Our fees are charged with reference to a number of factors laid down by the Law Society guidelines i.e. nature, type and complexity of the matter, value of a transaction, speed of action required and time involved etc.

We ensure that our clients are informed of the basis on which the fees are to be charged on each matter at the outset. For example, whether charges are based on a fixed fee basis as is with conveyancing matters or at an hourly rate as with litigation matters.

At Michael Dwyer Solicitor we pride ourselves on handling each and every legal issue with sensitivity, innovation and foresight. 

Professional Costs & Outlays


Conveyancing – fixed cost

All professional fees quoted are inclusive of GST.

 Sale:  $550.00


House: $880.00

Unit: $880.00

* Please note that Stamp Duty and Registration fees are not included in these fees.

General Litigation 

All general litigation and court work is at $429 including GST plus outlays at cost.

Wills, Estate & Trusts 

Enduring Power of Attorney and basic Wills

Couples: $275.00 each

Singles: $330.00 each 

Basic Wills are at no cost for clients with multiple conveyancing matters. 


We do not charge any additional margin amount for searches which may be required.