Dispute Resolutions & Mediation

Dispute Resolutions & Mediation

At Michael Dwyer Solicitor, we are approved by the Commonwealth Attorney General as a dispute resolution practitioner.

We offer a unique range of Dispute Resolution techniques, combining the skills of highly experienced litigation solicitors in the key service areas.

Each case is approached with a full understanding and appreciation of these processes and benefits. We guarantee to look at the whole picture before giving the best advice on how to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

It is essential to identify with our clients their commercial objectives from the outset and having done so, to agree an effective strategy to deal with the dispute through to a conclusion through the most appropriate channel.

Rushing into court isn’t the only option and we do all we can to resolve issues in a way that avoids it. In addition to litigation, we can provide access to arbitration as well as alternative dispute resolution including mediation.